[ANN] orcus 0.11.0 on master

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[ANN] orcus 0.11.0 on master

Hi there,

Michael Stahl has already done the announcement indirectly, so this may
be redundant.  I'll keep it short.

The orcus library has been updated to 0.11.0 on the master branch.  As
Michael pointed out, apparently you need to do make sc.clean to get it
to build incrementally.

BTW, I'll probably release 0.11.1 soon since there are quite a few build
issues already uncovered as a result of the 0.11.0 integration effort.



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Re: [ANN] orcus 0.11.0 on master

On Tue, 8 Mar 2016, Kohei Yoshida wrote:

> Hi there,
> BTW, I'll probably release 0.11.1 soon since there are quite a few build
> issues already uncovered as a result of the 0.11.0 integration effort.

** 2016-03-09
I do not know whether this particular problem has been reported, or
even if it is related.

(*) I pulled commit 68b5875 (about 2016-03-08 16:00 Z) into a lightly
     hacked repository.  The hacks are in connectivity/.
(*) make sc.clean
(*) make

Since then, each make does a lot of work, including recompiling some
.cxx files in sc/.  The work done is different from one make to the
next.  Here is one example of terminal output.

terry@lynn-stretch:~/lo_hacking/git/libo6$ make
mkdir -p /home/terry/lo_hacking/git/libo6/instdir
/home/terry/lo_hacking/git/libo6/solenv/bin/install-gdb-printers -a
/home/terry/lo_hacking/git/libo6/instdir -c
make -j 2  -rs -f /home/terry/lo_hacking/git/libo6/Makefile.gbuild    all
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/sorted.lst
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/commandimagelist.ilst
[ECH] CustomTarget/instsetoo_native/setup/versionrc
[LOC] top level modules: libreoffice
[CUT] basegfx
[CUT] basic_scanner
[CUT] basic_macros
[CUT] binaryurp_test-cache
[CUT] binaryurp_test-unmarshal
[CUT] chart2_common_functors
[CUT] comphelper_syntaxhighlight_test
[CUT] comphelper_variadictemplates_test
[CUT] comphelper_ifcontainer
[CUT] comphelper_test
[CUT] configmgr_unit
[CUT] connectivity_mork
[CUT] connectivity_commontools
[CUT] cppcanvas_test
[CUT] cppu_qa_any
[CUT] cppu_qa_recursion
[CUT] cppu_qa_reference
[CUT] cppu_qa_unotype
[CUT] cppu_test_cppumaker
[CUT] cppuhelper_cppu_ifcontainer
[CUT] cppuhelper_cppu_unourl
[CUT] dbaccess_firebird_test
[CUT] dbaccess_macros_test
[CUT] dbaccess_hsqldb_test
[CUT] dbaccess_embeddeddb_performancetest
[CUT] desktop_version
[CUT] desktop_lib
[CUT] editeng_core
[CUT] editeng_borderline
[CUT] editeng_lookuptree
[CUT] filter_xslt
[CUT] filter_priority
[CUT] filter_msfilter
[CUT] filter_dxf_test
[CUT] filter_eps_test
[CUT] filter_met_test
[CUT] filter_pcd_test
[CUT] filter_pcx_test
[CUT] filter_pict_test
[CUT] filter_ppm_test
[CUT] filter_psd_test
[CUT] filter_ras_test
[CUT] filter_tiff_test
[CUT] filter_tga_test
[CUT] hwpfilter_test_hwpfilter
[CUT] i18nlangtag_test_languagetag
[CUT] i18npool_test_breakiterator
[CUT] i18npool_test_characterclassification
[CUT] i18npool_test_ordinalsuffix
[CUT] i18npool_test_textsearch
[CUT] libreofficekit_checkapi
[CUT] lotuswordpro_test_lotuswordpro
[CUT] o3tl_tests
[CUT] odk_checkapi
[CHK] CustomTarget/odk/check/checkbin
[CUT] officecfg_cppheader_test
[CUT] oox_tokenmap
[CUT] oox_vba_compression
[CUT] oox_vba_encryption
[CUT] package2_test
[PYT] pyuno_pytests_ssl
[CUT] sal_osl_file
[CUT] Module_DLL
[CUT] sal_osl_security
[CUT] sal_bytesequence
[CUT] sal_osl_condition
[CUT] sal_osl_getsystempathfromfileurl
[CUT] sal_osl_mutex
[CUT] sal_osl_old_test_file
[CUT] sal_osl_pipe
[CUT] sal_osl_process
[CUT] sal_osl_profile
[CUT] sal_osl_setthreadname
[CUT] sal_osl_thread
[CUT] sal_rtl_alloc
[CUT] sal_rtl_bootstrap
[CUT] sal_rtl_cipher
[CUT] sal_rtl_crc32
[CUT] sal_rtl_digest
[CUT] sal_rtl_doublelock
[CUT] sal_rtl_locale
[CUT] sal_rtl_math
[CUT] sal_rtl_ostringbuffer
[CUT] sal_rtl_oustring
[CUT] sal_rtl_oustringbuffer
[CUT] sal_rtl_process
[CUT] sal_rtl_random
[CUT] sal_rtl_ref
[CUT] sal_rtl_strings
[CUT] sal_rtl_textenc
[CUT] sal_rtl_uri
[CUT] sal_rtl_uuid
[CUT] sal_tcwf
[CUT] sal_types
[CUT] salhelper_testapi
[CUT] sax
[CUT] sax_attributes
[CUT] sax_parser
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/helper/qahelper.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/helper/xpath.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc_column.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc_condformat.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc_formula.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc_pivottable.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc_sharedformula.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/ucalc_sort.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/filters-test.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/rangelst_test.cxx
[CUT] sc_core
[CUT] sccomp_lpsolver
[CUT] sd_uimpress
[CUT] sd_import_tests
[CUT] sd_export_tests
[CUT] sd_filters_test
[CUT] sd_misc_tests
[CUT] sd_html_export_tests
[CUT] sd_tiledrendering
[CUT] sd_svg_export_tests
[CUT] sdext_pdfimport
[CUT] sfx2_metadatable
[CUT] sfx2_controlleritem
[CUT] sot_test_sot
[CUT] starmath_import
[CUT] starmath_qa_cppunit
[CUT] svgio
[CUT] svl_inetcontenttype
[CUT] svl_itempool
[CUT] svl_items
[CUT] svl_lngmisc
[CUT] svl_notify
[CUT] svl_qa_cppunit
[CUT] svl_urihelper
[CUT] svtools_graphic
[CUT] svtools_html
[CUT] svx_unit
[CUT] tools_test
[CUT] ucb_webdav_local
[CUT] unotools_fontdefs
[CUT] vcl_lifecycle
[CUT] vcl_bitmap_test
[CUT] vcl_fontcharmap
[CUT] vcl_font
[CUT] vcl_fontmetric
[CUT] vcl_complextext
[CUT] vcl_filters_test
[CUT] vcl_mapmode
[CUT] vcl_outdev
[CUT] vcl_app_test
[CUT] vcl_wmf_test
[CUT] vcl_timer
[CUT] writerperfect_stream
[CUT] xmloff_uxmloff
[CUT] chart2_export
[CUT] chart2_import
[CUT] chart2_trendcalculators
[CUT] cppcanvas_emfplus
[CXX] sc/qa/extras/sccondformats.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/extras/new_cond_format.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/subsequent_filters-test.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/subsequent_export-test.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/bugfix-test.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/extras/htmlexporttest.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/opencl-test.cxx
[CXX] sc/qa/unit/copy_paste_test.cxx
[CUT] sw_uwriter
[CUT] sw_docbookexport
[CUT] sw_htmlexport
[CUT] sw_htmlimport
[CUT] sw_macros_test
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport2
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport3
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport4
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport5
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport6
[CUT] sw_ooxmlexport7
[CUT] sw_ooxmlfieldexport
[CUT] sw_ooxmlw14export
[CUT] sw_ooxmlimport
[CUT] sw_ww8export
[CUT] sw_ww8import
[CUT] sw_rtfexport
[CUT] sw_rtfimport
[CUT] sw_odfexport
[CUT] sw_odfimport
[CUT] sw_uiwriter
[CUT] sw_mailmerge
[CUT] sw_globalfilter
[CUT] sw_tiledrendering
[CUT] sw_filters_test
[CUT] unoxml_domtest
[CUT] writerfilter_rtftok
[CUT] writerfilter_misc
[CUT] writerperfect_calc
[CUT] writerperfect_draw
[CUT] writerperfect_impress
[CUT] writerperfect_writer
[CUT] xmlsecurity_signing
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_breeze.zip
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_galaxy.zip
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_hicontrast.zip
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_oxygen.zip
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_sifr.zip
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_tango.zip
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/images_tango_testing.zip
[CUS] instsetoo_native/setup
[CUS] postprocess/images
[CHK] basegfx
[CHK] basic
[CHK] binaryurp
[CHK] chart2
[CHK] comphelper
[CHK] configmgr
[CHK] connectivity
[CHK] cppcanvas
[CHK] cppu
[CHK] cppuhelper
[CUT] dbaccess_dialog_save
[CUT] dbaccess_empty_stdlib_save
[CUT] dbaccess_nolib_save
[CUT] dbaccess_RowSetClones
[CHK] desktop
[CHK] editeng
[CHK] filter
[CHK] hwpfilter
[CHK] i18nlangtag
[CHK] i18npool
[CHK] idlc
[CHK] libreofficekit
[CHK] lotuswordpro
[CHK] o3tl
[CUS] odk/check
[CHK] officecfg
[CHK] oox
[CHK] package
[CHK] pyuno
[CHK] registry
[CUT] sal_osl_module
[CHK] salhelper
[CHK] sax
[DEP] LNK:Library/libscqahelper.so
[LNK] Library/libscqahelper.so
[CHK] sccomp
[CHK] sd
[CHK] sdext
[CHK] sfx2
[CHK] sot
[CHK] starmath
[CHK] svgio
[CHK] svl
[CHK] svtools
[CHK] svx
[CHK] testtools
[CHK] tools
[CHK] ucb
[CHK] unoidl
[CHK] unotools
[CHK] vcl
[CHK] writerperfect
[CHK] xmloff
[SLC] chart2
[SLC] cppcanvas
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_new_cond_format_api.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_new_cond_format_api.so
[SLC] sw
[SLC] unoxml
[SLC] writerfilter
[SLC] xmlsecurity
[PKG] instsetoo_native_setup
[BIN] postprocess
[CHK] dbaccess
[CHK] odk
[CUT] services
[CHK] sal
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_ucalc.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_ucalc.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_filters_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_filters_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_rangelst_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_rangelst_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_condformats.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_condformats.so
[CUT] sc_new_cond_format_api
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_subsequent_filters_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_subsequent_filters_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_subsequent_export_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_subsequent_export_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_bugfix_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_bugfix_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_html_export_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_html_export_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_opencl_test.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_opencl_test.so
[DEP] LNK:CppunitTest/libtest_sc_copypaste.so
[LNK] CppunitTest/libtest_sc_copypaste.so
[SLC] writerperfect
[BIN] instsetoo_native
[MOD] postprocess
[CHK] postprocess
[CUT] sc_filters_test
[CUT] sc_rangelst_test
[CUT] sc_condformats
[CUT] sc_subsequent_filters_test
[CUT] sc_subsequent_export_test
[CUT] sc_bugfix_test
[CUT] sc_html_export_test
[CUT] sc_opencl_test
[CUT] sc_copypaste
[MOD] instsetoo_native
[CUT] sc_ucalc
[MOD] libreoffice
[CHK] sc
[BIN] top level modules: libreoffice
[ALL] top level modules: build-non-l10n-only build-l10n-only
[CHK] libreoffice
[SLC] sc
[SLC] libreoffice

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