Adding targets / KPIs to Marketing Plan 2020-2025

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Adding targets / KPIs to Marketing Plan 2020-2025

In yesterday's marketing call we discussed among other things associating specific targets with the Marketing Plan currently being drafted, and those who spoke agreed on this addition. Therefore I gladly entrust Italo with adding some to the next draft.

For those who couldn't make the meeting: I proposed specific targets for inclusion because:
To know if the plan is successful, we need to measure the desired success
The range and variety of 'LibreOffice Home' users is virtually endless - trying to please everyone will fail

The smaller our budget vs bigger competitors, the more targeted it must be used in order to achieve results

Specific targets will ensure we as marketers are aligned on the same measurements

The new marketing plan will inform important board decisions, present and future, for at least 5 years

Thanks to everyone who listened, and engaged!
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