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I'm building automaticaly an agenda with Mailing function provided for
Type Letter... Based on my template, and a Calc array with dates, I can
produce a Writer document with a week page at left and a blanck page at

My problem is that model is two pages, both including the page number
into bottom. But the mailing function produce a different pages styles
based with mines : In my model styles are : APageGaucheCalendrier and
APageDroiteCalendrier for page left and Right. But after, the mailing
produce : APageDroiteCalendrier1, APageGaucheCalendrier2,
APageDroiteCalendrier2, etc.

So, the page number is alwas [1, 2], [1,2], [1, 2] for each couple of
page... So what can I do to not reset the page number for each "letter"
produced with the mailing ?

Thank you in advance for your help !


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