Agenda for TDF board meeting on Friday, November 20th at 1300 Berlin time (UTC+1)

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Agenda for TDF board meeting on Friday, November 20th at 1300 Berlin time (UTC+1)

Dear Community,

find below the agenda for our

-> TDF board meeting with a public part, and followed by a private part
if needed
-> on Friday, November 20th at 1300 Berlin time (UTC+1)

For time zone conversion, see e.g.

-> at

We meet on jitsi, and please, if possible use Chrome browser and do not
use video and until not speaking up please mute.

-> The pad is at


Public Part

1. Q&A: Answering Questions from the community (All, max. 10 min)
   Rationale: Provide an opportunity for the community to ask questions
to the board and about TDF.
2. Discuss&Plan: tempPrio1 marketing plan discussion closed, further
steps until the decision of the board (Lothar/Florian/Italo/Mike, All
   Rationale: launching next steps in process, changes needed?, how/when
to decide it, member involvement

3. Discuss&Plan: tempPrio2 next decade manifesto, status of
proposal/draft (Cor/Florian, All 10min) 
   Rationale: proposal, clarifying/discussing process, launching next
steps, timeline

4. Discuss&Plan: tempPrio3 LOOL from TDF (All 10min) 
   Rationale: discussing freezing source contribution on gerrit,
mirroring COOL on github, planing decision process, launching next
steps, timeline

5. Discuss&Decide: Status of development mentor tender and about
re-tendering it and when (Cor, All 10min)
   Rationale: discussion, next steps, clarifying timeline
   - Possibly shifted to private part -

Private Part

 - No topic in private so far -

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