Agenda for the design/UX meeting 2017-Dec-13

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Agenda for the design/UX meeting 2017-Dec-13

Hi all,

here is the plan for tomorrow:


 * Request from marketing regarding an upcoming blog post
   + 1. What has the design community been working on in preparation for
        LibreOffice 6.0?
        + table styles, gradients
        + elementary icons
        + 6.0 motif
        + GSoC: customization, special chars
        + Notebookbars
        + ...
   + 2. What are your favourite new features in this release?
        + customization
        + ...
   + 3. What tools/services (eg websites) do you use in the design
        + Balsamiq Mockups but planning to use Pencil in the future
        + LibreOffice Draw, e.g. for the new motif
        + ...
   + 4. Finally, how can people get involved with the community? (And
        that needs testing?)
        + follow the ML
        + comment on BZ
        + join the meetings
        + file enhancement requests
        => wiki


 + New gradients
   + proposals attached to the ticket

 * Ultra-contextual toolbar
   + introduce as a new toolbar variant, or notebookbar, or extension

 * Show the Preview in dialogs left or right of the content
   + +1 for the request as we started this at other dialogs (Heiko)

 * Improve internal file picker or just accept this as a workaround
   + Improvement idea:
   + Meta ticket:
   + flag as obsolete with 6.0 (Heiko)
   + some webprotocols are not-that-well-supported in native dialogs (cloph)

 * Removal of x to close the sidebar deck
   + requires to change the HIG

 * Hard English string & UI freezeWeek 51 , Dec 18, 2017 - Dec 24, 2017
   + anything to do?

Full pad is here

Hope to see you tomorrow 7pm UTC (20:00 CET) on Jitsi


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