Agenda for the design/UX meeting 2020-OCT-22 (THU)

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Agenda for the design/UX meeting 2020-OCT-22 (THU)

Hello all,

the next design/UX meeting is on Thurssday, Oct/22,
14:00 Berlin/CEST/GMT+2 resp. 12pm/12:00UTC/noon.

Here is the agenda:

 * Mode for text marking
   + cyclic selection behavior with

 * Move single control in "More Options" to print dialog

 * Insert "Formula" command in Writer appears twice for different UNO commands
in Customize Keyboard

 * Duration an delay of the effect attached to an object reset after changing
the effect
   + treat animation attributes as user settings and remember last choice or
     accept resetting to the default

 * Impress: Add Accent drawing styles
   + maybe for "Text" drawing style but not duplicated for A0 and A4

 * add option to disable splash screen
   + a) drop the splash screen completely
   + b) toggle --nologo switch into --showlogo (and disable the spash by that)
   + c) add an additional (expert) option to do hide splash
   + d) keep as it is

 * Calc Find toolbar should have "entire cell" checkbox, same as Find/replace dialog
   + add this option or keep the quickfind bar simple?

Full pad including backlog is here:

Hope to see you on Jitsi at


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