Agenda for the design meeting 2018-Jan-17

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Agenda for the design meeting 2018-Jan-17


here is the plan for tomorrow


  * community budgets currently being collected
    + any need or greed?

Last week(')s todo's

 * Standard palette rework
   => take this palette and submit AI Stuart

 * Paragraph selection with or without breaks
   => check GDocs and other tools (AI Jay)


 * Unapplying properties
   + get input from devs like Miklos and Eike (Jay)
   => postponed to next week(s)

 * Math dialogs
   + redesign of distributed dialogs started by kompilainenn

 * Template changer
   + treat it as bug (c45-c49) or restrict functionality when
     changing the template c43

Backlog, if we have time for it

 * Sidebar customization
     + unclear use case, not saved -> kill it
     + provide functions in a context menu
     + provide functions in the main menu
   + Features are: selection of active deck, show/hide decks,
     undock/dock sidebar, close sidebar

 * Sidebar width
   + fix width, or global min/max, or deck-wise min/max

Full pad is here

Hope to see you tomorrow 7pm UTC (20:00 CET) on Jitsi


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