An invitation to ask your questions about LibreOffice on "Ask LibreOffice" - in your language!

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An invitation to ask your questions about LibreOffice on "Ask LibreOffice" - in your language!

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I apologize in advance to any non-English speakers, I hope this
invitation can be summarized in Bulgarian by other list

I have been contributing to LibreOffice for a few weeks now, mostly
focusing on French users (as I live in Montreal Canada) and Spanish
users (as I am from Colombia). I am a long time Ubuntu user so I also
focus on that. I launched a Questions and Answers site at Shapado for
all LibreOffice users and developers:

If you have questions (or answers!) about LibreOffice *please* join
the growing list of Shapado helpers there. I hope this becomes a
central place where anyone can ask questions **in any language**. This
is **not a replacement** for existing resources like forums, IRC, etc.
but rather a complement where people questions and answers are rated,
and reputation helps bring the best answers up in results while
highlighting the best contributors. Another language-specific site I
invite you to participate in is:

I welcome any comments and suggestions, although I will remove myself
from this list in the near future you can always reach me personally
or on the LibreOffice teams where I participate (listed at my wiki
page below).


Fabián Rodríguez

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LibreOffice questions ? Des questions sur LibreOffice ? Preguntas acerca
de LibreOffice ? Ask LibreOffice:
Fabián Rodríguez

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