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Official announcements from the Document Foundation
by Florian Effenberger • | | 0 comments
Dear Community, to support our open and transparent approach, the Steering Committee of The Document Foundation has opened up a blog at It will be used by members of the Steering Committee and their deputies to share news and insight about our more
by Thorsten Behrens • | | 0 comments
The Document Foundation is happy to announce the third beta of LibreOffice 3.3. This beta comes with lots of improvements and bugfixes. As usual, be warned that this is beta quality software - nevertheless, we ask you to play with it - we very much welcome your feedback and testing! more
by Florian Effenberger • | | 0 comments
2011: Brussels, FOSDEM... Your first chance ever to give a talk for LibreOffice at this great open source event... obviously you don't want to miss this! Do you want to share your experience in starting to hack the code, or tell about the tweaks in your build environment, talk about more
by Florian Effenberger • | | 0 comments
The Document Foundation offers a preview of future product and technology developments The document at the centre of a developers' friendly environment The Internet, November 9, 2010 - "The Document Foundation is about documents and the associated software is pivotal to create, more
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