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Autocomplete can be but...

I often find autocomplete extremely useful so i don't like to turn it off; but it comes complete with its own set of frustrations. I don' t know if developers read this list so this could well fall onto stoney ground, but IMO - and i stress that, IMO - it would be nice if:
1) LO  could make a distinction between backspace and delete. It is often inconvenient if, when typing but not looking at the screen, and realising i have entered a wrong character, to press backspace, enter the character i should have entered, continue typing, and some time later to spot that the backspace hasn't worked because it merely cancelled autotype suggestion. I would suggest that rejecting autotype should be seen as a delete forward operation (after all, the characters in the suggestion have not been typed yet) and so delete key should work as it does; but backspace should actually work as it would without autocomplete and should delete the last character typed (as well as cancelling the autotype).

2) Hitting enter did NOT accept the autotype, but some other  key or combination of keys was necessary to accept the suggestion;  It is just too easy when entering text to forget to press delete and so end up with a word you didn't intend, again especially when not looking at the screen, in which case you wouldn't be aware that autocomplete had kicked in. I'm not sure *what* exactly i would suggest for this, but it should be something that is not regularly used to terminate a word or a line to explicitly accept the suggestion (maybe shift-space??) Having enter accept the suggestion is particularly tedious when entering text in calc, as it advances to the next cell and you then have to double click to 'correct' the text.

Just some thoughts, that maybe will set someone else thinking.


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