Behavior that seems ... inconsistant.

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Behavior that seems ... inconsistant.

This is being offered as a "data point" to the user interface development.
It may very well be "as expected" but it seemed odd so I thought I'd
mention it to see what other folks thought.

Here's a sequence of operations I'll call "Case 1":

I create a spreadsheet. Column A starts at a number (i.e. 100) and the rest
of the column is "=A1+1" and is filled down using the "Fill Down" menu
option. This gives us 100,101,102, etc. At the bottom of this new column, I
select the bottom entry, do a "Copy" to the clipboard then go down one cell
and "Paste" from the clipboard and the correct value goes in, formatting
and all.

So far, nothing unusual.

Now, "Case 2":

I take a second spreadsheet and put my starting number in A1 like before.
BUT, now I go to row 2 and select A2..A4 (three rows) and hit the button to
"Merge and Center Cells" and now I have a big cell in the second position.

I put the same formula in it "=A1+1" and it correctly becomes 101. I select
that cell again and do a "Copy" to the clipboard, go down one cell and am
now on A5. Note, it skipped to the /next/ cell after this enlarged cell. I
"Paste" and it creates a duplicate large cell and puts the adjusted formula
in it.

From what I can see, the operations are consistant.

But, now select ths enlarged cell at "A5" (which is A5, A6, A7) and pull
down to A8 and do a "Fill down" and it goes wonky. The cells A6, and A7
suddenly become filled with individual values and the "Merge" done
previously goes away.

It /seems/ (but I might be wrong) that the behavior should have been to
turn A8 and subsequent two more cells into one large cell via an implied
Merge and then copied the contents of the cell above it into it adjusting
the formula appropriately.

Thanks for everyone's time. I hope this is helpful in some way.

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