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Better organization of bugs with meta bugs

Hi All,

With the ability to only set the component field to classify bugs to a
very basic level, i believe that meta bugs should be used to further
classify things and provide a needed means of grouping bugs.

The keywords and whiteboard fields have been useful for developers to
hunt down bugs they want to work on, but QA users not aware of these
tags wont set them, which means that some bugs wont appear in such
searches. The 'see also' field has been used to group similar bugs
together, but how closely related these bugs are isnt defined with this
association and having a large list of bugs in the see also area is a

With the usage of meta bugs, the QA team will be able to

1) Easily group related bugs under a clear meta bug heading, like for a
language group, GSoC project, vcl backend, dialog, etc.


2) Easily find duplicate bugs of a particular topic by only searching
through the bugs in a particular meta bug, which can easily be done with
bugzilla's search or by clicking on the 'show dependency tree' link
found on the meta bug page and then clicking on the 'show resolved'
button on the dependency tree page to show close bugs.


3) Organize bugs not only under one main meta bug, but also have
sub-meta bugs and sub-sub-meta bugs to provide an hierarchically
organized structure to the bugs.


4) Notifying other users CCed on a meta bug of a related bug that they
can possibly triage and fix.

Meta bugs have also helped developers in providing a central place for
them to find all the related bugs of a particular topic they want to
work on, as creating a new keyword or whiteboard tag for this grouping
isnt efficient.


So i encourage all users to associate meta bugs to bug reports they
submit and triage and create a new meta bug if a suitable one isnt
available and they have seen enough similar bugs of a similar topic.
Adding an alias for the meta bug is also encouraged, as it will appear
on the page of associated bugs rather than the bug number. For a list of
all available meta bugs, you can find the "Meta bugs" search query[1]
listed in the "Saved Searches" tab[2] of Preferences in Bugzilla.

I've created many meta bugs over the last few months and would
appreciate everyones help in making them as complete as possible. I have
just finished cleaning up the sidebar meta bug[3] over the last 2 days,
as it had over 150 bugs associated with it, and plan to continue further
organizing its sub-meta bugs into sub-sub-meta bugs when necessary.




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