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Board candidate: Simon Phipps

Dear TDF members,

Having just completed two years on the board at The Document Foundation performing less visible work related to contracts, trademarks, copyrights and staffing, I am willing to serve as a director again for the next two years if elected and thus submit myself as a candidate.

Candidate statement:
"I've been involved with the LibreOffice project in some way since the launch in 2000. I still believe LibreOffice is one of software freedom movement's most important projects. I have previously served both as Membership Chair and and as a Director and have extensive business experience which I have used to TDF's advantage. Now independent, I'd be honoured to serve again; my priority will be the new challenges of the cloud era."

Personal information:
My full name is Simon Phipps
I am nominated in a personal capacity and have no corporate affiliations relevant to the role. 
Work: I am a director of Meshed Insights Ltd. (management consulting) and Meshed Management Ltd. (property management)
Pro-bono roles: I also serve of the Board of the Open Source Initiative (where I am currently President), of the Open Rights Group, and of Public Software CIC.
I may be contacted as [hidden email]

Best regards,