Board of Directors Meeting 2018-02-26

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Board of Directors Meeting 2018-02-26

The Document Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting 2018-02-26
Call Minutes

Date: Monday, February 26, 2018
Location: Jitsi

Session chair: Marina Latini (unanimously accepted by all participants)
Keeper of the minutes: Michael Meeks (unanimously accepted by all

In the call: Björn (Member of the Board), Franklin (Member of the
Board), Cor (Member of the Board), Thorsten (Member of the Board),
Marina (Member of the Board), Michael (Member of the Board), Osvaldo
(Deputy Member of the Board), Eike (Member of the Board), Simon (Deputy
Member of the Board), Kendy (Deputy Member of the Board), Florian
(Executive Director)

The Board of Directors at the time of the call consists of 7 seat
holders without deputies. In order to be quorate, the call needs to have
1/2 of the Board of Directors members, which gives 4. A total of 7 Board
of Directors members or their representatives are attending the call.

The board waives all formal statutory requirements, or requirements in
the foundations articles, or other requirements regarding form and
invitation, time limits, and for the topics discussed in this meeting.

The call is quorate. From now on, motions can be passed with the
agreement of a simple majority of those remaining present. The majority
threshold is currently 4.

The meeting commences at 14:07 Berlin time.

Public agenda:

1) Vote: Election of Chair and Deputy
    We discussed several proposals and we need to appoint both the
Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson.

Proposal to elect Marina as Chair
Result of vote: Bjoern, Cor, Franklin, Thorsten, Michael, Eike
Abstentions: Marina.
Deputies Osvaldo, Simon, Kendy support this.
Decision: Marina elected as Chair.
Marina accepts the role.

Proposal to elect Bjoern as Deputy Chair
Result of vote: Bjoern, Franklin, Cor, Marina, Michael, Eike, Thorsten
Deputies Simon, Kendy, Osvaldo support this.
Decision: Björn elected as Deputy Chair.
Björn accepts the role.

Florian will send a representation statement to everyone, so deputies
can stand-in per default for those not present in the meetings.
Please send that to the (public) [hidden email]
mailing list.

2) Discuss: Areas of oversight and responsibilities (Marina)
    We need to update
    Proposal to extend one of the roles to include privacy regulations
(due to GDPR).

Pending, please fill in your availabilities.

3) Discuss: annual report (Florian)
    An introduction to the annual report and TDF's duties, primarily for
our new board members.

Public call ends at 15:20 Berlin time.

Marina Latini (Session chair)
Michael Meeks (Keeper of the minutes)

Florian Effenberger, Executive Director (Geschäftsführer)
Tel: +49 30 5557992-50 | IRC: floeff on Freenode
The Document Foundation, Kurfürstendamm 188, 10707 Berlin, DE
Gemeinnützige rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts
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