Bug: disabling hardware acceleration necessary on Windows 8.1

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Bug: disabling hardware acceleration necessary on Windows 8.1

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I have multiple Windows 8.1 systems. The first has Intel graphics, a DH67 chipset, an SSD, and a Sandy Bridge processor. The second has NVIDIA graphics, a DH67 chipset, a HDD, and an Ivy Bridge processor. The third has Intel graphics, an HM67 chipset, an SSD, and an Ivy Bridge processor. The first two, desktops, have OEM Windows licenses that prevent the activation code from being used on another motherboard, while the third is an HP laptop with HP's version of Windows 8.1.

The first two will not run LibreOffice, but the third will. The error with the first two is that starting LibreOffice results in an infinite loop with the cursor being the circular one. If I start LibreOffice in safe mode and disable hardware acceleration, LibreOffice will then run. I have tried this with multiple versions of LibreOffice. As a test, I installed Windows 7 on the first PC (on a separate drive) and it was able to run LibreOffice just fine.

I have never had any problems with these systems with respect to graphics or other software, except for them being old and slow compared to today's PCs.

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