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Calc Macro "Error loading BASIC..."

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I have LO version (x64) Windows 10 and I'm using Calc.

I have a macro that I have used in MS Excel. I have wanted to delete MS Excel from my
machine so last week I created a LO Calc macro that will do the same thing.
After testing the LO Calc macro I was able to use it without error a number
of times. I  exited LO Calc. When I ran LO Calc again with the same
spreadsheet I get the popup window:

"Error loading BASIC of document WBT.xml:
General Error. General input/output error."

And, when I try to run the macro
it's not there. Something is wrong. When I do a file search "WBT.xml" is not
found. In the file
it has the contents of the macro I have created (15 lines are missing). What
am I doing wrong?


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