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Calc - Populate blank cells on F9 (refresh)

LibreOffice - Fedora 30

Good afternoon,
I have a simple spreadsheet with 3 sheets.
The first sheet contains a simple list of three columns or so.
The 2nd sheet has a cell that uses a random number for the row list on
the first sheet, and then a couple of other columns that show the
sheet1 data related to the randomised row.

That works fine.

What I'd now like to do is to create a third sheet that keeps track of
which rows have been selected by having something like:
=IF($A1="",$Sheet2.$A$1,"") if that cell is blank, populate it with the random row number -
if it isn't blank, then leave it as it is. I was then going to copy
that formula down the column - my expectation being that each time I
pressed F9, the $Sheet3.$A... cell would be populated with the last
generated random number. The problem is that what I thought was simple
code creates a 523 error.

The error appears to be some form of iterative issue, but I'm not
certain I see what the problem is or how to fix it.

Any guidance welcome.

Steve T

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