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Calc - SUMIF - between two date condition


I am trying to do a calculation in my LO Calc spredsheet.
The function that I want to run is the following:


but get the Error:509 in the Result cell.

In the I2:I323 range there are prices of goods out there.
In the K2:K323 range there are names (types) of those goods out there.
In the B2:B323 range there are dates of days when expenses occures out
In the $Incomes.A3 there is the date of the day when an income occures out

So what I want is the following.
I want to sum those prices which are occured when the good was "food" but
only then when that day occured at date stored in the $Incomes.A3 cell or
after that date.

What am I doing rong?

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