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Calc link problem on Mac

I'm looking for some help in debugging an issue that I've had since LO
5.4 on Mac.  (I've been using LO since it forked.)  I'm now running LO

When I attempt to link a cell in one spreadsheet to another, the linking
action using "=spreadsheet/cell location" transposes the link location
to lowercase and I get ERR:501/ERR:507/ERR:509.

correct link:
'file:///Users/me/Documents/Time & Expense
Forms/TIMEEX201703.ods']'Details of Expenses 3'!I54

link when made on the Mac or edited on the Mac it looks like this:
'file:///users/me/documents/time & expense
forms/timeex201703.ods']'details of expenses 3' I54

I have tried the exactly same linking with exactly the same spreadsheets
using LO on Win & Linux and there is no problem.  As soon as I try this
on the Mac it breaks.

I've posted a bug and it's now nearly 2 years old.  It was temporarily
fixed in one beta version but I can't find it anymore.

I've been testing alpha and beta builds with the hope that this issue
would be resolved but no luck.

I'm frustrated that the bug is still open and want to help figure out
why there is a problem but I don't know what to try.  I use the linking
daily but am stuck on Excel because I can't get it to work on LO.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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