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Collabora deleting more text than selected

Hello community,

I was directed here by the collabora help page (

We're running Collabora Development Edition with ownCloud (both on
docker) and some users reported that when selecting a text block which
then is to be deleted, not only the selected text block is deleted but
even unselected text.

We're running LOOLWSD 4.2.0 (git hash: b889fbb) and LOKit Collabora
Office 6.2-4 (git hash: 01f0d42) with ownCloud

The only messages from docker logs for the collabora container are:

> ^[[35mkit-00386-00032 2020-04-16 16:11:22.601549 [ kitbroker_00e ]
> WRN  Skipping unload on incomplete view.|
> kit/ChildSession.cpp:102^[[0m^M
> ^[[1m^[[31mkit-00386-00032 2020-04-16 16:11:22.601657 [ kitbroker_00e
> ] ERR  No socket associated with WebSocketHandler 0x56316276af40|
> ./net/WebSocketHandler.hpp:131^[[0m^M
> ^[[35mwsd-00028-00405 2020-04-16 16:11:22.601774 [ docbroker_00e ]
> WRN  Client session [07e] not found to forward message: o171808
> disconnected:| wsd/DocumentBroker.cpp:2073^[[0m^M
> Document
> [/owncloud/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/732704_ocdn6ie06qgf_0_0] has
> no more views, exiting bluntly.^M
> ^[[1m^[[31mkit-00386-00032 2020-04-16 16:11:23.596706 [ kitbroker_00e
> ] FTL  Document
> [/owncloud/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/732704_ocdn6ie06qgf_0_0] has
> no more views, exiting bluntly.| kit/Kit.cpp:838^[[0m^M

Did anyone had the same problem in the past, or can point me to a
possible source of the problem?


Timo Denissen
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