[DECISION] New domains redirecting to LibreOffice professional support page

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[DECISION] New domains redirecting to LibreOffice professional support page


the following decision, which was taken in private on 2019-02-08, is now
made public in accordance with our statutes.

The Board of Directors at the time of voting consists of 7 seat holders
without deputies. In order to be quorate, the vote needs to have 1/2 of
the Board of Directors members, which gives 4.

A total of 6 Board of Directors members have participated in the vote.
The vote is quorate.

A quorum could be reached with a simple majority of 4 votes.

Result of vote: unanimous approval
Decision: The request has been accepted.

This message is to be archived by the BoD members and their deputies.

[As background information, to quote the professional supporters page:
"The Document Foundation does not provide professional support services
for LibreOffice. It does, however, develop and maintain a certification
system for professionals of various kinds who deliver and sell services
around LibreOffice."]

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:

> having seen no pushback and wideranging support, I would like to put the
> following motion directly to vote on by the board and to implemented if passed
> by the team:
> TDF should register the domains:
> libreoffice-professional-support.com
> libreoffice-professional-support.org
> enterprise-libreoffice.com
> enterprise-libreoffice.org
> libreoffice-business.com
> libreoffice-business.org
> libreoffice-case-studies.com
> libreoffice-case-studies.org
> and make them contain nothing else but a redirect to:
> https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/professional-support/
> Also the subdomains:
> professional-support.libreoffice.org
> enterprise.libreoffice.org
> business.libreoffice.org
> case-studies.libreoffice.org
> should be registered and redirect to the above URL.


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