Decision on LibreOffice Online - repository and translations

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Decision on LibreOffice Online - repository and translations


the following vote, that was taken by the board in public today, is now
being shared with the projects list.

For discussions, please use the public
[hidden email] mailing list


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Betreff: [board-discuss] [DECISION] LibreOffice Online - repository and
Datum: Wed, 2 Dec 2020 12:23:22 +0100
Von: Florian Effenberger <[hidden email]>
Organisation: The Document Foundation
An: [hidden email]


> 1. to freeze (not delete) the "online" repository at TDF's git, for the
> time being
> 1b. to switch the mirror to
> instead mirror the Collabora repo, for the time being, and make sure we
> catch pull requests there, e.g. via the mentoring alias on TDF side
> 2. to freeze (not delete) the translations for online in Weblate, for
> the time being
> The decision will then also be announced and shared with the various
> community mailing lists, to keep all the projects in the loop.

The Board of Directors at the time of voting consists of 7 seat holders
without deputies. In order to be quorate, the vote needs to have 1/2 of
the Board of Directors members, which gives 4.

A total of 7 Board of Directors members have participated in the vote.

The vote is quorate.

A quorum could be reached with a simple majority of 4 votes.

Result of vote: 3 approvals, 3 disapprovals, 1 abstain.
One deputy approves, one deputy disapproves.

As the vote is a tied vote, § 9 IV of the statutes come to effect. The
Chairperson has the deciding vote, and voted +1 to the proposal.

Decision: The request has been accepted.
This message is to be archived by the BoD members and their deputies.


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