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Display of My Template Library

Using LO on Win10 Home x64 bits desktop.



When I open LO, I clicked on Templates > _C_alc Templates. I am shown
icons for /_nine_//_templates_/, three of which are no longer needed nor
desired to be included within the displayed window box. If I click on
one of these icons I am given two options: Open and Edit; no option to
delete. I want to remove the three icons from the display to lessen
chance of selecting an obsolete template.

However, there are only _/six templates/_ shown when using File Manager
//LibreOffice/4/user/template/_/LO CALC TEMPLATES/_. Those six are
desired and active templates.

My question:

Is it possible to remove the unwanted icons from the Templates > Calc
Templates displayed window box?  How?

This probably has something to do with template subcategories, but it is
not clear to me how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

Hope all can stay healthy and warm.



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