Document Freedom Day is just a few weeks away -- register your event now!

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Document Freedom Day is just a few weeks away -- register your event now!

Hi all,

Europe and South America have taken an EARLY lead in the number of
Document Freedom Day (DFD) events they're running, but there's still
time for you to register to run an event and show them that the US and
Canada are JUST as serious about promoting free/open file formats and
protocols as the rest of the world!


DFD is an annual event (March 25th this year) where we run events in
our local communities to promote the importance and benefits of
unencumbered and open file formats, protocols, and computer
interchange. It's a day and a goal that the LibreOffice community
wholeheartedly supports!


My general hope is to encourage more DFD activity in the US this year.
In 2014 we had just a handful of events scheduled, and I'm hoping to
have well over a dozen in 2015. Of course, your event doesn't have to
be on the "official day," Wednesday the 25th. Many people will run
events during the following weekend or whenever is convenient for


If you are interested in co-hosting an event with others in your area,
reply-all to this email and let us know where you're located. Perhaps
someone on this list will work with you, or we can find a LUG or other
group in your area with which you can partner!


One of the simplest events to run is an introduction to open formats
and open technology. You can often reserve a room for free at a local
library or community center and give a couple of talks, or just have a
table. With funding from the FSFE, you can even provide some
refreshments, soda, pizza, etc. Make sure to apply for funding by
March 11th here:

I'm currently chatting with a couple of people who are running
technology-related events in Vermont to see if I can give a short
presentation during the day. Attaching yourself onto an existing event
such as a tech training for teachers can be a great technique to
connect with a group of influential minds who might not know much
about open formats or open protocols, but would be interested to


Not sure how to run an event? Not sure what type of event to run? Feel
free to email me!

For those of you attending the FSF's LibrePlanet Conference in Boston
March 21-22 (, I'll be running a
Document Freedom Day 'Strategy Session' where we'll work on effective
event planning and running, and we'll brainstorm ideas for both DFD
and SFD (SFD = Software Freedom Day, a similar annual event held each


I'm still working out the details of how we'll deliver DFD materials
to people in the US. Please sign up on the website and make your
requests there.

NOTE: If you will be at LibrePlanet (see above), I'm hoping to have
extra stickers, posters, pamphlets, and other items available
in-person. Please email me and let me know if you'll be in attendance,
and then I can figure out if it's easiest to hand stuff directly to
you or to mail it to you.


That's all the info I have for now -- I look forward to hearing from
each of you about what you decide to do for DFD!


Robinson Tryon
QA Engineer - The Document Foundation
LibreOffice Community Outreach Herald
[hidden email]

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