Documentation Team Meeting Minutes, Thursday July 16th 2020

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Documentation Team Meeting Minutes, Thursday July 16th 2020

Thursday July 16th 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Samantha, Annie, Drew, Dan Lewis, Felipe Viggiano, Olivier,
Emiliano (at 20:21)

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:

Pending items:
* Update Contributor Guide for e-PUB - Tabs issue


Topics and Discussion:
* Welcome new volunteers
  + Samantha (Sam)
  + Annie (Annie)
  + Felipe (Felipe)
  + Glad to have a new revisor (Dan)
  + Guides are a good choice for newcomers to get used in Tech Writing

* Chapter Template for Version 7
  + No discussion

* Covers
   + New suggestion from Robert for the Base (Drew)
   + will publish in mailing list (Drew)
      + team will select between the 2 (Drew)

* Q & A
+ Epub
   + No hifen in the bullet lists (Dan)
   + Exploring 7.0 template for epub (Dan)

+ New Books
    + Better marketing of the guides (Drew)
    + Consider new books focused in Use cases
         + e.g. book on "Statistics using Calc" (Drew)
         + e.g. "Financials using Calc" (Olivier)
         + e.g. "How to write a thesis" (Emiliano)
         + Book for LO public schools in Brazil for teens (Felipe)
         + In Italy too (Emiliano)

+ Introductory Presentation on TDF Doc Team for Toronto, CA LibreOffice
group - Aug 5th - virtual. Request is that presentation cover team
overview and specifically how new contributors should on-board into the
team. (Drew - Request for presentation from Marc Pare)
AI:    + Will send a presentation to Drew (Olivier)

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* July 30th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.
Olivier Hallot
LibreOffice Documentation Coordinator
Comunidade LibreOffice
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - Local Time: UTC-03:00

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