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Draw styles (and Writer Paragraph Style views)

Draw does not have "default" styles, as there are in Calc or Writer, but does have two classes of styles -- Drawing and Presentation -- which it (kind of) shares with the Impress module. Trying to understand the design philosophy in order to use them efficiently, I looked into the Help (which provided no help) and then into the Draw Guide (6.2), which says only to refer to the Writer Guide for "Text Styles".
I was skeptical [since Writer has "Paragraph Styles", "Character Styles", "Frame Styles", Page Styles", List Styles and "Table Styles", but no "Text Styles"]. But I checked (Writer Guide 6.0), and found one reference to "Text Styles", that being one of the view filters for "Paragraph Styles".  IOW, going to the Writer Guide for info on Draw styles was, as expected, a wild-goose chase, but now there was a new set of question: The complete list of those views which apply only to Paragraph Styles are:
        Text Styles
        Chapter Styles
        List Styles
        Index Styles
        Special Styles
        HTML Styles
        Conditional Styles

Unfortunately, what those view names /mean/ is not covered in the Guide, except for Conditional Styles. List Styles are, of course, already a class of styles in addition to a view of Paragraph Styles. So now I'm a couple hours past what I thought to be a simple question, and -- except for learning of the useful tool of Conditional (paragraph) Styles -- just have more questions. Can someone point me to documentation on these Paragraph Styles views?

And (to get back to the question I was trying to settle to get my work done) is there documentation on how to use the Draw styles?


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