Draw templates for use in annotating screen shots in the guides.

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Draw templates for use in annotating screen shots in the guides.


This came up a couple of times and again in yesterday's meeting.

The idea is to a consistent style to use across the guides when annotating
screen shots.

Taking a simple approach to start, created two Draw templates. Both have
default style for graphics objects area and line coloring set to LO Green
color used in the LO 6.x writer template and font Liberation Sans (12) with
default color which matches the Figure style in the writer template.

GreenWideTall.otg has a default page setting of 4" x 3.6" with .25" margin

GreenWideShort.otg has a default page settng of 4" x 1.68" with .25" margin

I put those up on the NC server along with a readme.txt and example
annotated image in a pdf file "Untitled 3.pdf".

Find all that here:

There is already a section in the existing Guide Authoring docs (currently
on the wiki) and I think tailoring a couple custom templates like these
would work out fairly well - so these are hear as a starting step for


Best wishes,


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