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Error Code 540

Hi Users Group:

I hope that you are well and staying safe.

I am a novice with LO. Using LO Version: (x64) Build ID:

I am trying to clean up an existing LO-Calc file by calling data from an
external .ods file source. Am presently facing an error code # 540. 
FWIW, the external source .ods file was initially generated using Apache
Open Office, but I am now editing it via LO.

I found the definition of code 540: 'External content disabled', but
have notfoundhow to 'enable external content'.  Tried searching within
the F1 Help index for enable external content, w/o success.

I would appreciate help in finding out how I should go about enabling
the external source file, which is on my Windows10-x64 C: drive. Must
enabling be done within the source file? Is there a menu selection for

Thanks for reading this.



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