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Fonts and icons blurred


I've got a problem with the fonts and icons displaying as blurred, it also affects the texts in a document or worksheet.
I'm using a couple of user logins on my system and I only have this problem on one of them.  I've tried my best to make sure all have exactly the same configuration but I cannot get his one to work well. In Options/Libreoffice/View, "GL" is disabled and everything else is Automatic, Screen font anti-aliasing set to work from 8 pixels, Use hardware acceleration/Anti-alaising are set on (i have tried off as well)

Any ideas of where else i can look? It doesn't affect any other program except the Libreoffice ones.


Libreoffice: Version: Build ID: 20(Build:2)
Qt: 5.12.3 KDE Frameworks: 5.57.0 - KDE Plasma:  5.15.5 - kwin 5.15.5
kmail2 5.11.1 - akonadiserver 5.11.1 - Kernel:  5.1.3-1-default  - xf86-video-nouveau:  1.0.15

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