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Oggetto: [OmT] OmegaT standard version 4.3.0 released
Data: 09 Jul 2019 05:12:36 -0700

Greetings, all.

OmegaT 4.3.0 is the new standard version of OmegaT.

Compared with 4.2.0, it has 6 enhancements and 8 bug fixes. Highlights

The Insert key toggles a new Overwrite mode in the editor.

There were several critical bug fixes related to team projects.

Problems upgrading existing installations on Windows via the installer
have been addressed.

Compared with 3.6.0 update 11, it has 129 enhancements and 65 bug fixes.
Highlights include:

Team projects were redesigned. Synchronisation is no more restricted to
one repository location. This allows, for instance, to create
multilingual team projects without duplicating the source documents, or
to get files to translate directly online, not only from Subversion and
Git, but also from HTTP(S). Complex mappings can be written.

Panes have now action menus, and there is a new Segment Properties pane
(use Restore Main Window to make it appear if necessary). There is now a
notification system, to alert the user when a given pane has content
(e.g., Comments).

OmegaT now has a visual aligner. It aligns files in all formats
recognized by OmegaT, thus allowing keeping formatting. After a first
automatic step (parameters can be fine-tuned) , it is possible to adjust
the alignment with split, merge and edit.

The auto-completer now includes history prediction and completion, which
means auto-completion is now available even without glossary entries or
user-entered abbreviations. It is possible to disable individually
auto-completer views.

A new Issues window replaces the old Tag validation window. In it, it is
possible to check tags as before, but also spell checking and
LanguageTool issues. It is extensible, with the possible of adding issue
“providers” to the Issues window, for instance with a script.

Preferences are now unified in a new dialog under Options > Preferences.

It is now possible to define credentials for machine translation and the
TaaS services in the preferences and to store them securely.

The ExternalFinder plugin
(https://github.com/hiohiohio/omegat-plugin-externalfinder) is now
integrated in OmegaT with a full user interface.

Any bilingual files (in a format supported by OmegaT) can now be used as
a translation memory in the /tm folder. This applies to OmegaT bilingual
formats (PO and Mozilla .lang files) but also to the Okapi Filters
plugin bilingual formats such as XLIFF (it requires version 1.3-m32 and
above of the plugin).

OmegaT can now check automatically for updates. If a new version is
detected, the user will be directed to the download page.

OmegaT can now run on Java 11. Note that Java 8 remains the recommended
version, and all "with JRE" distributions continue to bundle the Java 8 JRE.


The OmegaT Project always welcomes developers, localisers and users to
contribute their experience, knowledge and insights to the software we

You will be able to download soon the new version following the
directions from
for latest versions.

In the meantime, you can get the new version directly from SourceForge:

Donations are welcome:

Happy translating!


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