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Fwd: Webstats for Portugese NL Project


(you're receiving this mail because you're listed as Subsite Admin on the
libreoffice.org website)

attached you'll find a couple of metrics as collected by piwik.

General stats include visitors' browser, os, country (of limited use for
nl-projects probably), some more interesting ones include search-engine-
keywords (although pretty much everyone only seaches for libreoffice
the used search-enginges & referring websites.

More interesting is the visited urls one. The entries are grouped though,
the entry "download" would include all of "/download/page1",
and because pages can be accessed with both trailing / as well as without,
"/download/" page would be an entry "/index" in the download group, while if
the page was accessed via "/download" it would be a separate entry

I'll see if I can tweak the report to not to mix that up.

All the abovementioned graphs cover February and March, the visits-summary
one covers the
last 12 months.

Please check with the marketing project before publishing any of those.

Mail the [hidden email] if you got any questions
the data or when you have general remarks regarding the stats.


Bem bom, o mês de março.

Agora porreiro seria a Caixa Mágica começar a trabalhar na página, tal qual
como se ofereceram mas ainda não concretizaram.


Sérgio Marques

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