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[GSOC] about:config utility - Weekly Report #1

Hi all,

I started coding this week. Briefly I created initial forms of my project. I also spend some time to understand and research current code. 

Here is the detailed report.


*I am implementing this in C++, on feature/aboutconfig branch.
*Implementation will be on CUI module.

*I have 2 milestones about this project.
   -Create a usable dialog.
   -Fill it with related content.

*Filling the content is a milestone because I need to convert all different preferences to appropriate format. (new format will be module.group.preference or stg. like that.)

+I created a ui file. Probably I will refactor it later. I want to add a searchbar to it later. 
+Created initial backend for the ui. I created it based on SfxTabPage but in case of we decide it to be a standalone dialog it may change.
+I need to use a multicolumn listbox for this purpose. Current multicolumn listboxes based on simpletable. I will try to use OptHeaderTabListBox which is based on simpletable too.

Next week I am planning to improve current files and research the code.

Efe Gürkan YALAMAN

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