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[GSOC] about:config utility - Weekly Report #3

Hi all,

This week was good actually. I am catching a good pace again with new hardware and a working debugger.

Here is the details:
==What I did==

+Lots of debugging especially when trying to figure out why the page is not visible.
+I found the problem which makes the widgets invisible.
+Had to refactor ui file. It is now appropriate to for tab page.
+Tab page is not cause crashing on pressing buttons anymore.
+Tabpage is now usable. Kind of actually because it is empty and I didn't implement the handlers yet.

Here is a screen shot.

==What I will do==
-Handlers didn't implemented yet. I will research and find a bunch of options which can be easily tested while developing.
-Will implement the handlers while adding the options I collected. Because I think they are closely related to themselves
-Plan for this week is mainly to figure out how many handlers I need and implement them.

==Possible future plans==
Options list is going to be long. I want to implement a searchbar to it after it is fully functional. This is probably something not implemented in 2-3 weeks but maybe in last weeks I can think to implement this.


Efe Gürkan YALAMAN

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