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[GSOC] about:config utility a.k.a Expert Config - Weekly Report #10


Last week I worked on performance issues of page load. Learned using callgrind and how to use output(Special thanks to Thorsten). After doing some profiling I figured out the main problem issues on page. And last 2 days I moved the page to the Advanced page.

==What I did==
-Moving it to the Advanced page as mentioned before.

==Profiling results==
There are 2 main problems on the page.
-Page collects all settings with a recursive function. And it causes a long wait on page load. There is about 25K options in total( wow! :) )
-Clicking on header's causes a long wait. We figured out there is a costy function on SvTreeList class (It was sortChildren I think.).

So this week I will try to optimize the problematic part of the code and other things on to-do list.


Efe Gürkan YALAMAN

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