GSoC 2014 Weekly Report - Improvements To The Template Manager [Week 3 - 3.5]

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Efe Gürkan YALAMAN Efe Gürkan YALAMAN
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GSoC 2014 Weekly Report - Improvements To The Template Manager [Week 3 - 3.5]


I am in the middle of my final week. So I find an small gap from finals and moved some more code from template manager dialog. I moved the code to startcenter which I don't need to understand deeply. Since I will be absent one more week(until Thursday at least) there will be no big improvements. I planning to do them when I have more time for it. So I am stepping slowly for now.

==What's done==
+Start Center has TemplateLocalView with templates.
+Default view (TemplateLocalView) set to show all types of templates. Didn't test it for the time being.
#Moved a few more handlers and toolbars.
#Opening regions works properly. I setup my debug tools and problem was I forgot to move compare function for std:set. I am not used to use debugger from console so I setup Eclipse CDT for debugging. I started to think life might be good sometimes. :)
#Creating and deleting folders works.
#Moved initial parts of TemplateBar.(Save, Export etc.)

==Plans for next Week== 
*Continue moving other toolbars.
*Continue moving the other views and the handlers.
*These might got delayed. Have exams in a week.

==Plans and questions for future==
*Change Templates button with a dropdown to filter the templates for the Module.
*Put a return point to Recent Documents. Maybe put it in the dropdown?
*How should editing work? It will be in another window. Need to keep Start Center code clean as possible.
*Start to think about filtering.(Date, Alphabetical, Filetype etc.)

+ Done before.
# Done this week. 
* Plans and questions.

P.S: If you have any good ideas, or if you see a mistake on here please feel free to shout it. It helps me a lot :)


Efe Gürkan YALAMAN

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