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GSoC 2016

Hello I'm Finishing my Master Degree this Year (2016) in Information Technology at Petru Maior University Romania  (Last year i had some familiy issues that now are solved)

I will work this summer on finishing integration of Firebird backend

The main remaining issue is that the firebird data format embedded in the .odb file is endianess-dependent. The idea is to switch to Firebird's "archive" format that is not.

I started by cleaning the previous gerrit and submitting new one

Also as time permits fixing the following blockers for firebird integration :

 bug 69949 - table editor should support the autoincrement
 bug 71009 - relationship management not implemented in GUI
 bug 71251 - Creating table from default choices via wizard fails
 bug 74172 - no data type DECIMAL/NUMERIC
 bug 76072 - view creation not implemented

I will test also firebird 3.0 integration (it should work with old 2.5 c based api with no changes )

I started last year a patch that needs to be reworked with Firebird 3.0 RC2/Final

Some it's features would allow easy fixes for example autoincrement (implemented as identity)

True boolean datatype ...

If nothing else is left to do i will create a branch with firebird 3.0 c++ oo api

Api is  now fronzen according to the Firebird core developers

Previous merged gerrits 

Proposal on google docs

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