[GSoC] Improve user experience with CMIS – Weekly report #13

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[GSoC] Improve user experience with CMIS – Weekly report #13

This is the last week of GSoC. What I did :

* 'Type' column is now hidden in the file list

* Added autocompletion to the file name field. This works only with the
currently loaded content.

* I've removed underline from the links (breadcrumb widget). Underline
appears only as mouseover effect.

* Cleaning of the file name when user changed directory

* Disabling interface after deletion of a service

* I've started implementing new views for file list widget
(SvtFileView), but not finished it yet. At this point I've got drawing
of the entries and scrolling with wheel or scrollbar.

* Some new points from our Google Doc
* I noticed that it is impossible to edit some services (disabled OK
* Rebase and push to the master
* list and icon views


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