[GSoC] Weekly Report #4 - Toolbars infrastructure via .ui files

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[GSoC] Weekly Report #4 - Toolbars infrastructure via .ui files


This is my next weekly report.

This week finally, after modifying SvxLRSpaceItem's QueryValue and
PutValue methods, paragraph spacing controls are working using normal
sfx2 mechanism.

I've also removed timer from my second patch (Slide transition panel)
and added possibility to change icon size in the SidebarToolBox. I will
continue work with icon size after Design meeting when we will know
which solution is the best.

Currently I'm working on context dependent controls. I've extended vcl
builder to parse 'style classes' (where we can add values like 'context
-table') and set suitable value to the widget. In the similiar way I
will be able to add priority support.

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