[GSoC] Weekly Report #6 - Toolbars infrastructure via .ui files

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[GSoC] Weekly Report #6 - Toolbars infrastructure via .ui files


Changes this week:

I added new tab with animations in the Impress (this will need some
improvements to be more comfortable in use).

Fixed button sizes are dropped now and I created new SmallButton object
which is a button with small padding.

My patch introduced possibility to change icons size in the sidebar. I
updated also the panel with paragraph properties because indent icons
had fixed size.

Currently I'm working on priority container. So far I've extended vcl
builder to parse priority properties (in the same way like context) and
created interface class for widgets that will have assigned priorities.
I have already added this base class for vcl containers, and created
new container "PriorityHBox" which manages own childs and will hide
some content when there will be no space. I used VclWindowEvent to get
resize events from the SystemWindow. When I will finish hide-algorithm
I will push patch to the gerrit.

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