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Group policies configuration fails


I am trying to configure LibreOffice 6.0­.6.2 on Windows 7 Pro SP1 using
the Collabora group policy templates to prevent users from changing the
decimal marker in Calc. Specifically, I am enabling Computer
Configuration\Administrative Templates\Collabora
Office\Common\Localization\Decimal separator as locale, and checking the
"Decimal separator key same as locale setting" and "Final" checkboxes.

The expected behaviour is that in Tools | Options | Language Settings |
Languages, the Decimal separator key checkbox is checked, greyed out,
and not changeable by the user (additionally, it should have a gold key
next to the setting to indicate that it is locked, but it doesn't. This
is cosmetic, though).

However, configuring this group policy setting doesn't change the
behaviour at all in that the setting is changeable by the user, the
change persists, and the user can change the decimal separator.

I've tried manually setting this through the registry as well, with no luck.

Has anyone successfully configured this setting either through group
policy or registry settings?


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