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Help understanding data model for Impress

Hello LO Developers,

I'm working on bug 124507 ( for Impress in which I need to store/load some text group data into/from the saved file. The data is already stored in .pptx files, so I'm starting there to find my way around getting data in and out of saved files. I will then need to save and load the data with .odp files as well. I'm getting a little lost in the data structures and in knowing what I should change.

I see that after a pptx file is parsed, MainSequence::createMainSequence(...) builds its internal data structures (such as CustomAnimationEffect objects) from an XTimeContainer.

1. Do I need to add an additional type of information (text group info) into the XTimeContainer (or one of its child nodes)? It seems this data would be set while parsing the data file, and then read/updated during operation. I could then extract the data from the node during createMainSequence(...) and have it create the CustomAnimationTextGroup objects with the extracted settings.

2. If so, would I create a new class like XAnimationTextGroup? Does this then require adding an .idl file? Does this become exposed in the API?

3. I see that animcore.cxx's AnimationNode class implements XTimeContainer (and the rest of the tree node types). Should I make it also implement the new XAnimationTextGroup?

4. For actually processing the .pptx file, the text group info is stored in the following XML path:
bldLvl="2" // Group text by
rev="1" // Reverse order
advAuto="1200" // Auto advance time (ms)
4a) I see that there is a bldP token handled in buildlistcontent.cxx; however the code currently does nothing. Is there a similar example in the LO code which I can reference for extracting the values from the XML data?

4b) Once extracted, should I process it in CommonTimeNodeContext's constructor (it lists handling the attribute XML_bldLvl as "TODO")?

4c) Then add code in TimeNode::setNode() to set attribute value on the approprate X... object (such as XAnimate?)?

Thank you for any ideas on what I should do, or where to look for more help!

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