Infra call on Tue, June 20 at 16:30 UTC

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Infra call on Tue, June 20 at 16:30 UTC

Hi there,

The next infra call will take place at `date -d 'Tue Jun 20 16:30:00 UTC 2017'`
(18:30:00 Berlin time).

See for details and a preliminary
agenda.  Here what we currently have on the pad:

 * General news:
    + TDF & LO websites migrated to a fresh Debian 8 VM on our infra
    + rebooted hypers and VMs to load latest kernel & libc since the upgrade to 8.8
 * Salt refactoring
   + Proposal: Merge github salt project into the gitlab project and delete gitlab's submodules
   + What OSes/versions are to be supported?
   + Gitlab+Docker CI testing goals:
     - Proposal: Add the gitlab runner user to the 'docker' group so sudo doesn't need to be invoked.
 * Debian 9 (codename Stretch) was released on June 17, 2017 \o/
   + New baseline for future VMs (test the core stalt states first)
   + 4 machines currently running Debian 7 (codename Wheezy, under LTS until May 31, 2018):
     - vm150 (bugzilla, to be upgraded/migrated)
     - vm164 (officeshots)
     - vm147 (moztrap, deprecated)
     - galaxy (root server, deprecated)
   + Other Debian machines are running Jessie, oldstable until June 2018, the LTS until April 2020
 * Pending refactoring of the default mail config
 * cloph's currenly reshapping the large raid10 array on berta into 10x 2-disks raid 1 to avoid super long md checks
 * pootle:
   + will deploy on a dedicated root server with SSDs at manitu
   + to compare perfs with upstream's AWS setup
   + then hopefully to be the prod instance
 * gustl:
   + RX FCS counter is still going wild every now and then, still unsure what is going on
   + manitu changed cable and switchport, need to agree on a time to change router port (can a pb with our NIC)


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