Installing LO on (64-bit) Windows 10

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Installing LO on (64-bit) Windows 10

Decided today to install (the Swedish-language version of) LO on
one of my Windows 10 (version 1803, updated) machines ; as expected I
observed the same problem I've encountered ever since version 5.4.1, *viz*,
that if after choosing a typical installation in the Installation Guide, I
then check the box for creating an icon on the desktop, when the
installation gets to the point that new shortcuts are to be installed,
Warning 1909, to the effect that shortcut LibreOffice 6.1. lnk could not be
installed and that I should check to see that the the target map exists and
that I have access to it, appears in a  smaller box also entitled
LibreOffice - Installation Guide. When I then click OK, Internal
error 2902 ixoShortCutProperty is then displayed in the box and when I
again click OK, the installation is rolled back....

If I do *not *check the box for creating a desktop icon, the installation
proceeds nominally and what is more, a desktop icon is created anyway. I've
experienced this problem on several different computers, so it would seem
to be due to an LO setting, rather than to a software or hardware problem
on a particular computer. I've not seen any reference to it on this forum,
which surprises me, as I'd have thought that such a rollback would provoke
responses from many users ; could it be that only users of the Swedish
version are affected ? In any event, I'd appreciate hearing back concerning
this matter. What is the standard target map for the shortcut link on
Windows, and where can it be found ? I note that I encounter no such
problems when installing LO on, e g, Linux Mint, whether directly from the
LO website or via the PPAs....


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