[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Alpha of android remote for impress available for feedback

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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Alpha of android remote for impress available for feedback

Hi *,

(please reply to the [hidden email] list)

First of all:

The alpha contains code that is still in code-review in gerrit, it is
not the code as it is from the master branch. (for this reason I won't
announce it on the google+ community, but only to the mailing lists)

Feedback is especially welcome regarding Bluetooth-Activation.
I.e. do you find it annoying or do you expect the remote to ask
whether to enable bluetooth when you launch the remote while bluetooth
is turned off on your device?

And also regarding the landscape mode in the presentation - do you
need more room for notes? (Please state screen size/device and/or
provide screenshots)

Please don't post comments regarding this alpha as a review of the app
- use the mailinglist for general feedback, and bugzilla for bugs you

Some usage hints:

In Bluetooth Mode the remote will list known devices (those that have
already been paired and are known to android) only if there are any.
The Computer doesn't have to be set to visible in this case.

Swipe the slide preview to advance to the next/previous slide. Tap the
slide-preview to advance to the next animation, Double-tap the
slide-preview to go back one animation.
(Whether to use the volume keys for this as well is now a setting)

To get it:
Method A)
Become Tester and get access to the alpha version via google play

As testers are restricted to members of google+ communities or google
groups, this only works if you're member of the LibreOffice google+
community (with the same account that is used by google play/your


If you are, you can opt-in for getting alpha/beta versions by visiting


You can always opt-out again by visiting the same URL.

Method B)
Side-load the apk manually - you can download it from

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