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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 125268] Wrong text highlight color when export document to doc/docx


--- Comment #40 from Mike Kaganski <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Michael Meeks from comment #38)
> As an example: if you load a DOCX file - then we can safely assume you will
> save as DOCX (this covers some vast proportion of the use cases) - and so we
> can hide the UI options associated with doing more powerful ODF supported
> things =) On ODF export to DOCX people expect some format shifting problems,
> so we select the nearest feature, and the nearest matching hue for this case.

Let me provide an example of a (different) problem that this would bring. In
Writer, there's a concept of page styles, which is totally absent in Word.
Trying to "hide" this functionality from users opening DOCX would simply
disable any means of manipulating pages in Writer (there's nothing except of
page styles for that in Writer, and that is its strength). So that would result
in need of spending so little developer effort implementing an alternative
machinery - UI, but also internal stuff. Of course, that won't bring any
maintenance costs with it, and no problems with interoperability of stuff
created by the same Writer when in different modes.

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