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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 125876] More centralized endnote/footnote settings


Dieter Praas <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Dieter Praas <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Roman Kuznetsov from comment #5)
> We'll can't make only ONE dialog because it will touch many different
> subsystem (page layout, section options, footnote/endnote options, etc.)

That's an ansewer from a technical perspective, but you also consider the users
view. Here I agree that a normal user isn't aware of the different settings and
possibilities with footnotes and endnotes. That's also my own experience.

If it is difficult to make only one dialog, I'd like to make a proposal for
little changes, that might enhance the situation for the user

1. Add entry "Settings" or "Footnotes/Endnotes Settings" to Insert => Footnote
and Endnote. This enry should open the Footnote/Endnote Setting dialog.
Reasoning: A lot of users don't know how they change for example footnote
styles or character style of a footnote.

2. Rename entry in Tools from "Footnotes and Endnotes" to "Footnotes/Endnotes
settings". Reasoning: This is in line with the name of the dialog and it makes
clear, that it is different from "Footnote and Endnote" in the Insert menu.

3. Context menu of footnote anchor:
a) Rename "Footnote or Endnote" to "Edit Footnote/Endnote". Reasoning: This is
in line with the name of the dialog.
b) Add "Footnotes/Endnotes Settings" to the context menu. Reasoning: see 1.

4. Context menu of footnote area: Rename "Footnotes and Endnotes" to
"Footnotes/Endnotes Settings". Resoning: see 1.

I think this changes would make it mor consistent and userfriendly.

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