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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 126857] Alignment of images


--- Comment #5 from [hidden email] ---
Personally I don't really mind the current behaviour. It is OK for me if I need
to click Align twice in order to set the horizontal and vertical alignments

But if we want to make it possible to do with one click then 9 options would be
the simplest for the user:
- top-left
- top-center
- top-right
- middle-left
- middle-center
- middle-right
- bottom-left
- bottom-center
- bottom-right

I also can imagine hotkeys for them like ERT-DFG-CVB, or numerical 789-456-123.

The layout of these letters reflect the desired orientation in most national
keyboards but maybe not always. Therefore, in each language, the hotkeys should
reflect the layout of the most frequently used keyboard. This seems to be a bit
complicated so I would prefer the numerical hotkeys. If we really need this
change at all.

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