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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 127947] Paragraph Dialog reduce tabs


--- Comment #2 from Thomas Lendo <[hidden email]> ---

Line Spacing and Spacing shouldn't mixed as 'Don't add space between ...' is
related to Spacing and not to Line Spacing. I would move Line Spacing to the
bottom of the Spacing section.

Where is the 'Restart at this paragraph' option of the Numbering section?

I miss a text in front of the 'Start' drop-down field where now is 'Last
line:'. And where is the 'Expand single word' checkbox?

Where is 'Register-true' of the current Indent & Spacing tab?

In general, I think the drop down boxes are too small to give languages--other
than English and with longer names--enough space.

Text Flow/Breaks/Properties/Hyphenation/Drop Cap/Line Numbering:

Drop Caps section is missing the preview image. :-/

Drop Caps section is also missing 'Whole word' and 'Number of characters'.
'Text' and 'Character style' must be positioned together as the are related.

The text direction drop-down field seems too short in relation to the default
text that is shown now ('Use superordinate object settings').

I miss the 'Start with:' in front of the number field in the Line Numbering
section. Now it isn't self-explanatory what the number means.

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