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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 127947] Reduce amount of tabs in the Paragraph dialog


--- Comment #4 from andreas_k <[hidden email]> ---
In general I don't have strong feelings. As I open the paragraph dialog I saw
two rows of tabs and every where a lot of settings. Than I open Word and there
were two tabs.

Drop Caps Tab
- Drop Caps is an tab I would NOT integrate to somewhere else (cause there is
also an preview in the tab) and it's very self explanation.

Alignment Tab
- Alignment tab has for me to less content to have it.
- There are some specific settings for justified align
- but left, right, ... align you don't need the dialog for it.
- RTL an checkbox could be enough

Text Flow Tab
- Settings are in general from my point of view to much (but where should they
be when not in the dialog
for example Break
- Break above checkbox whit an config button right to it

Outline Tab
Is not so much content

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