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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 129024] FORMATTING - Preset protected cell background color not displayed in spreadsheet (documentation per Comment 6)


--- Comment #9 from [hidden email] <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #8)

> (In reply to [hidden email] from comment #7)
> > ...protecting the sheet (when Value highlighting is enabled) changes the
> >  background color of unprotected cells to white
> I cannot follow. Please provide step by step like
> 1. Insert a number in A1
> 2. Insert a formula in A2
> 3. Enable value highlighting (makes font color in a1 blue and a2 green)
> 4. Enable sheet protection (changes the background into gray but should...?)

Okay, I finally understand how value highlighting works. Since this issue has
been changed to Documentation (NotABug), I'll provide steps to illustrate how
it works and where the documentation is inadequate. I'll also offer suggestions
on how to make value highlighting behavior more consistent and intuitive than
it is now.

Application Color abbreviations
  docFG - General/Font color
  docBG - General/Document background
  vhTextFG - Spreadsheet/Text
  vhValueFG - Spreadsheet/Values
  vhFormulaFG - Spreadsheet/Formulas
  vhProtectedBG - Spreadsheet/Protected cells background

As it is now:

1. Select al cells and deselect the protected attribute
2. Insert text in A1
3. Insert a number in B1
4. Insert a formula in C1
5. In D1 set the protected attribute
6. Select the range, A1:D1, and set a user-defined background color like Light
Yellow 3, which I'll just call userBG. All 4 cells show userBG and docFG, as
7. Enable value highlighting - As expected, A1, B1, and C1 change foreground
color from docFG to vhTextFG, vhValueFG, and vhFormulaFG, respectively. Oddly,
however, none of the background colors are affected - all 4 cells still show
8. Protect the sheet - As expected, foreground colors remain unchanged and
correspond to the value highlighting colors. However, all 4 cells background
colors are changed. D1 background changes from userBG to vhProtectedBG.
Unexpected (and undocumented) is the background change in unprotected cells,
A1:C1, from userBG to docBG.  

Current documentation for value highlighting states and value highlighting
overrides user-defined colors.  That's fine, but the application doesn't do it
consistently. When value highlighting is enabled, the 3 configurable foreground
colors (vhTextFG, vhValueFG, and vhFormulaFG) are applied whether the sheet is
protected or not.  The 2 configurable background colors for value highlighting
are only applied when the sheet is protected. Moreover, one of the configurable
background colors (docBG) is a global color, affecting all modules.

Suggestion for more consistent/intuitive behavior:

1. When value highlighting is enabled, enforce all 5 related colors, whether or
not the sheet is protected.  The sheet doesn't have to be protected in order to
know if a cell has the protected attribute. Sheet protection is about
restricting access, not about display/formatting.

2. Add another configurable value highlighting color, "Unprotected cells
background", so that it can be configured separately from the global docBG

In addition to providing more consistent behavior, these changes would also
simply documenting the feature. It would just be a simple on/off toggle that
overrides user-defined formatting.

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